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Juvenile Crime

Was Your Child Arrested for a Crime?

As a parent, you know how frightening it can be to have your child arrested and taken into police custody. In the state of New York, any person under the age of 18 is considered to be a juvenile and any criminal accusations against the child will be handled by the juvenile court system. While this justice system does handle cases involving serious crimes and offenses in the state of New York, the main goal of the juvenile courts is to help the minor learn from their mistakes and be released into the community as a productive member of society.

However, some judges will look to make an example out of your child and could potentially try them in the adult court system. If your child has been arrested, you need to immediately contact a Queens criminal defense attorney from the Law Office of Kevin P. O'Donnell.

Some examples of juvenile offenses that we can represent include:

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What Happens after a Minor Gets Arrested in NY?

For most juvenile offenses that are not violent and premeditated in nature, rehabilitation is often the appropriate course of action. The juvenile courts operate differently than adult courts and most penalties sentenced to minors will not extend into adulthood. Depending on the circumstances of the arrest, an officer will either bring the child to the juvenile holding area or release the child back to the custody of his or her parents, pending a notice of hearing.

At the first official court hearing, known as a fact-finding hearing, your child and his or her attorney will be present and evidence for the arrest and charges will be presented. There are no juries involved in juvenile cases and the sentencing is left to the discretion of the judge.

While at this hearing, you can expect the following to occur:

  1. The presentment agency will provide witnesses and evidence to prove their case
  2. The juvenile's lawyer can cross-examine the witnesses
  3. The juvenile defense can then provide their own witnesses and evidence as defense
  4. The judge will make a 'finding' if the case is proved beyond a reasonable doubt
  5. The judge will dismiss the petition

Following a fact-finding hearing, the judge will determine if there is enough substantial evidence against the juvenile to pursue a dispositional hearing. Also at this time, a judge will decide if a child can be released to his or her parents to await the disposition or if he or she should stay within the detention facility until the hearing.

The second hearing will be used to determine any penalties against the juvenile. At this time, the child, parent and attorney will all be present. Depending on the severity and circumstances of the case, your child may be sent home to serve probation or spend time in a correctional facility. In order to obtain the best possible outcome for your child's case, it is important to speak with an experienced juvenile crime attorney.

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While most juvenile crimes can be later expunged and your child's record sealed, working with a criminal defense lawyer is often the most secure way to protect your child's future. When you work with our team, we will take immediate action to determine if the cause for arrest was legal or if your child's rights were violated in any way.

As a former prosecutor, our lead attorney has a deep understanding of the juvenile justice system and how the New York courts try minors. If your child has been arrested, we encourage you to contact a Queens juvenile crime lawyer from the Law Office of Kevin P. O'Donnell right away.

You can reach us at (888) 715-1735 or you can fill out a free case evaluation form.

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