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Any time you are arrested for a crime of assault or battery it is absolutely essential that you contact an attorney as soon as possible. These charges are extremely serious and could leave you facing jail or prison time, fines, probation and restitution.

Within 24 hours of your arrest, you will be forced to face an arraignment in front of a judge for your charges. In order to protect yourself, your future and your rights, you need to contact a Queens criminal defense attorney from the Law Office of Kevin P. O'Donnell.

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What is assault and battery?

According to New York law, you can be charged with assault and battery if you make physical contact with another individual, verbally abuse someone or engage in unwanted sexual behaviors with another person. The key component of any assault offense is that physical injury is caused to another person. The degree of assault and battery is dependent on the seriousness of the injury or the use of weapons in the offense.

Examples of Assault & Battery Offenses

All of these crimes are serious and prosecutors will do everything in their power to ensure that you receive the highest amount of penalties available for your specific case. In order to protect yourself from stiff penalties, you need to match fire with fire. Our lead attorney is a former prosecutor who can quickly develop a personalized defense to help you obtain the best possible outcome to your case.

What is the best defense for an assault charge?

The defenses that can be made in an assault and battery case depend on the facts and circumstances of your unique case. Some cases can be very straight forward and the defenses may be clear, while others can be complex and take more research and investigation.

You need the top criminal defense attorney in Queens by your side to help. We are prepared to go to the lengths needed to build a strong defense on your behalf.

Popular Defenses for Assault & Battery Charges

  • Justification:
    • Self-defense
    • Defense of Others
    • Defense of Property
  • Consent (mainly in sexual assault cases)
  • Lack of injury
  • Lack of intent

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Although this time in your life may seem stressful, it is important to remember that working with the right attorney can provide you with the defense you need and the ease you deserve. Searching for a criminal defense lawyer for your criminal case in Queens? When you retain our legal services, we will thoroughly investigate your situation and ensure that your rights and freedoms were not violated in any manner.

There are many defenses that can be used in your favor, including self-defense and lack of intent. At the Law Office of Kevin P. O'Donnell, we will take action to protect you from injustice and work tirelessly to defend your case. Do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with a Queens assault and battery lawyer from the Law Office of Kevin P. O'Donnell.

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