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If you have been arrested on suspicion of murder, you need an aggressive legal advocate on your side. State law only gives you 24 hours after an arrest to contact an attorney before facing arraignment. By contacting a lawyer in this time, you ensure that you can start building a powerful criminal defense as soon as possible.

At the Law Office of Kevin P. O'Donnell, our Queens criminal defense lawyer has nearly two decades of legal experience and understands what it takes to fight for your rights against murder charges. As soon as you reach out to our firm, we can begin to take action on your behalf, investigating your case and providing the representation you need. We are prepared to handle every aspect of your case, from negotiating outside of the courtroom to providing a compelling trial defense if necessary.

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Murder Charges in New York

State law divides murder into two categories: second degree murder and first degree murder. Both of these charges are class A-I felonies and, unlike other types of homicide, assume that the defendant intended to harm someone else.

Second degree murder applies to a number of situations, typically referring to crimes in which an individual intends to harm another person and causes his or her death, or in which an individual engages in reckless conduct that results in another person's death. This offense can carry a prison sentence of 15 to 25 years.

First degree murder involves factors that elevate a crime beyond second degree murder. These factors could include the identity of the victim, the circumstances surrounding the alleged murder, the addition of torture to the crime, and other elements. Individuals convicted of first degree murder can face consequences including life in prison without the possibility of parole, or a prison term lasting anywhere from 20 to 25 years.

What Is Aggravated Murder?

Aggravated murder, added to the New York penal code in 2005, is a charge reserved for cases involving certain classes of individuals. For example, a person may face this charge if they are accused of killing a law enforcement officer, emergency response staff member, or employee at a correctional facility. Aggravated charges may also be filed for an “especially cruel” case involving a minor younger than fourteen years old. As with other violent crimes, aggravated murder is prosecuted aggressively and requires experienced criminal defense.

Representing the Accused for Nearly 20 Years

At the Law Office of Kevin P. O'Donnell, we believe that obtaining the right defense can significantly affect the outcome of your case. That's why we start our cases with free case evaluations, ensuring that your questions are answered before you retain our services. We pride ourselves on our tireless work for each of our clients. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can apply our expertise to your situation.

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